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Importance of Aptitude in Different Placement Drives

Amidst the pool of innumerable skilled candidates in the recruitment drive where thousands of candidates want to secure a position in the top-notch organization, no company wants to confiscate the right of the adept candidates by offering the vacancies to the mediocre candidates. We all have discerned a famous proverb saying that “employees are the assets of the organization”, they are the major factors behind the greater productivity and efficiency of the organization.

In this dynamic changing business environment where all the organizations are striving hard to collect the prospective candidates, it becomes vital to conduct an assessment test of the candidates. In the best interest of the organizations and the candidates, it has been marked to conduct the Aptitude Tests as one of the stages of recruitment. These are used to determine an individual’s ability/potential to succeed in a certain task, with no prior knowledge or training. Furthermore, these tests focus on an individual’s learning ability, abstract thinking, and problem-solving ability. It’s used to help the employers in making the right hiring decision; aptitude tests are a proven tool used to identify those who are best equipped to carry out any given role. As already said these aptitude tests nourish the candidate for the out of the box thinking and hence are of maximal importance.

There exists a science behind finding aptitude tests and that’s human intelligence. It refers to the mental quality that consists of one’s ability to learn from experiences, adapting to new situations, understanding, and handling abstract concepts, and using knowledge to manipulate one’s environment. Human intelligence is further bifurcated in two aspects aptitude intelligence and emotional intelligence

Aptitude intelligence is a combination of numerical, verbal, and spatial abilities, which consists of visualizing, word fluency, use of memory, verbal relations, induction, perceptual speed, induction, and deduction and that forms the core in aptitude test. Emotional intelligence is another form of Human Intelligence, where one can read one’s own and other’s emotions, and use this reading to manage one’s thoughts and behaviors. Intelligence can be measured as a sum of emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence

Various companies dispense aptitude test as their first round of recruitment followed by group discussion (GD), and then personal interview (PI). Owing to the fact that thousands of people apply for the post of hundreds of candidates, various companies offer positions that require some basic skills, all those who don’t have those skills got to rule out in the first round of aptitude test and thus bring forward the capable candidates. E.g. there are a plethora of MBA aspirants aiming to sail into the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) but humanly it’s irrational to admit all the candidates which appear in lakhs and seats vacant are thousands only. IIM’s nourishes the candidates in becoming leaders of tomorrow by making them go through a carefully designed curriculum with the help of exceptionally talented faculty. Therefore, it is decided to conduct CAT that is an aptitude test to select those who excel in various aspects of problem-solving and analytical skills followed by a personal interview to examine the personality of the candidate.

The aptitude tests can be conducted in any of the ways be it on campus (offline) or online. The gist of the aptitude test includes numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, diagrammatic, situational judgment, inductive reasoning, cognitive, mechanical reasoning, abstract reasoning, error checking, and many more. These exams are strictly time-based to test your time management skills and to analyze how quickly a candidate applies his knowledge to solve some real-life problems. Preparation is the key to an ace aptitude test; anyone can grasp the basic concepts and practice as many aptitude tests. A variety of online aptitude tests are available that can be taken at your comfort as this would assist you in becoming more confident and can analyze your assessment beforehand.

Business Analyst is the field chosen by many candidates, an aptitude test is conducted for the post inclusive of sections like data interpretation, logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and verbal ability. Preparation for the stipulated period with special focus on all the sections and a proper strategy would help you crack the aptitude test with flying colors.

All those who perceive that the Aptitude test is not their cup of tea can go for various small organizations to start their career who do not have an aptitude test as the stage of recruitment. Though, the aptitude test assists a company in assessing one’s analytical and problem- solving skills and gives your clear description to the company. In terms of the growth aspect, all the big IT companies conduct aptitude tests as their recruitment stage, so your option of getting into the top organization automatically gets locked. Hence it is advised to get your concepts cleared and practice the aptitude test as much as you can.

Various institutes can provide you with the coaching of the aptitude test, you need to strive your level best to practice as much as you can, you must have heard of that practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, Aptitude tests hold a vital position in picking up prospective candidates for the company. Every company wants the employee to solicit their capabilities best for the growth, efficiency, and betterment of the organization. Also, if any candidate wants to serve the elite organizations, they need to sharpen their analytical and problem-solving skills that what aptitude test analysis.

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